TeamstackTM Provisioning

One-Click Provisioning

Optimize and improve user management across your business applications through Teamstack'sTM One-Click Provisioning.

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Increase Security

Use one-click user provisioning with your onboarding and off-boarding processes so changes in your team are reflected in your business applications and ensure that rogue or terminated users are disconnected from your applications immediately minimizing risk.

  • Reduce Risk of Unauthorized Access
  • Suspend User Access in Real Time
  • Single Source of User Identity
  • Visibility into User Access
Streamline Onboarding and Off-Boarding

Manual user provisioning is labourious and prone to human error. One-click user provisioning streamlines the onboarding and off-boarding process, freeing up time and allowing new hires to get up and running immediately.

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Automated Group-Based Application Provisioning

Automatically provision or deprovision users based on user groups to ensure that employees have access to all their required applications, regardless if it's a new hire, change of role or a termination.

  • New Hires
  • Change of Role
  • Termination
Reduce IT Complexity

Simplify user and application access management with TeamstackTM by leveraging a single source of user identity for provisioning.

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