TeamstackTM Single Sign-on

Single Sign-On

A single, intuitive way for users to access all their applications from the TeamstackTM dashboard or browser extension.

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Improve Productivity

Using single sign-on users are only required to enter credentials once to access all their applications. When users have signed into TeamstackTM they are able to access all their applications from their dashboard both increasing their productivity and tightening security.

  • Form based auth with Browser Extension
  • SAML Apps
Browser Extension

Users can access all their applications from the TeamstackTM browser extension, allowing them to quickly move between applications without needing to authenticate every time.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Edge Browser
  • Brave Browser
  • Yandex Browser
Application Dashboard

TeamstackTM is integrated with 100s of applications out of the box and you are able to get an overview and access any applications that have been assigned to you directly from the dashboard without needing to enter your credentials. New apps are added regularly and you can even request your favorite applications.

  • Telecom Apps
  • Marketing Apps
  • Software Development Apps
Reduce IT Overheads

Using Teamstack'sTM single sign-on reduces the number of calls and tickets to IT for login related incidents as users can access all their applications directly from TeamstackTM.

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