TeamstackTM SAML Applications

SAML Applications

SAML Applications work by transferring the user's identity from TeamstackTM to the service provider and removes the need for typed credentials.

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Streamline the login process for your users with SAML applications as the users identity is authenticated in TeamstackTM and then transferred to the service provider.

  • No Password Renewals
  • No Weak Passwords
  • No Forgotten Passwords
One-Click Provisioning

SAML applications are able to leverage one-click provisioning to streamline the onboarding and off-boarding of users, while also reducing risk of unauthorized access.

  • Increase Security
  • Reduce IT Complexity
  • Automated Group-Based Provisioning
  • Visibility into User Access
Reduce Risk

As SAML apps don't require written credentials, you remove the security risk posed by weak and compromised passwords.

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