TeamstackTM MFA

Multi-Factor Authentication

Weak and compromised passwords are invovled in most cybercrime cases. Improve your security by leveraging Teamstack'sTM Multi-Factor Authentication.

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Multiple Factor Types

Apply different authentication factors ranging across different security levels across your whole organization to protect against unauthorized access while providing flexibility for users.

  • WebAuthn (FIDO2)
  • TOTP (Google Authenticator)
  • SMS Code
  • Security Questions
  • Recovery Codes
Policy Based MFA Enforcement

Set user or application policies to implement additional authentication factors for sensitive applications or users to restrict access to only those who need it. Specify password requirements for all or specific users.

  • Geo-Location
  • IP Whitelist
  • IP Blacklist
  • Biometrics
Prevent Unauthorized Access

Secure your company data from unathorized access and protect yourself from identity attacks by defining failed MFA challenges before users get locked out.

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Context Based Denials

Completely restrict access to applications that contain sensitive data based on contextual factors to deny access from high-risk locations or IP addresses.

  • Audit Trail
  • Incident Reporting